torn coat save

I found this great coat at TJ Maxx last year and was so excited to wear it. I loved the details, like a fake fur lined hood and body, sweater trim around the zipper edge, and sweater cuffs inside the sleeves.

The coat had a couple of outings until the day when my boyfriend pointed out that the seams near the shoulders were coming apart and fraying. It’s a quilted coat so there wasn’t a good way to repair the seams.

I was upset, looked for the receipt, realized I couldn’t find it and had bought the coat too long ago to return it anyway. It went back in the closet. I wanted to put it back into rotation this winter and collaborated with my mom on a way to fix it. This past weekend I made it happen.

I measured how wide a strip of fabric would need to be to cover all the fraying spots. This black quilting cotton with white dots was the perfect fabric for a cover-up. I turned some under on the sides of each strip and attached the two pieces along the seams lines on the back of the coat. After slip-stitching the pieces to the coat by hand, my coat had an updated look and the problem areas were covered.

I’m so glad I was able to save this coat and am looking forward to wearing it again.


2 thoughts on “torn coat save

  1. I’ve been looking around your blog and I cant believe how crafty you are! I’ll have to commission you to make a hat for my neice to be if you have time 🙂 Emily from work

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