knit snake dress to skirt

I bought this dress from the clearance rack at Belk quite awhile ago. After I tried it on at home, I realized it didn’t look quite right on me and passed it along to my mom.

When I was home a few months ago, I found it in my mom’s donate pile. The print was intriguing and the fabric was soft and flowing so I wanted to see if I could refashion it. I decided that the overwhelming print was the problem with the dress. To tone it down, I made turned the dress into a skirt.

This skirt was so simple. First, I cut off the top.

I bought a piece of two and a half inch wide elastic and stitched it around the top the same way Dana over at Dana Made It added exposed elastic waistbands to her circle skirts.

I reinforced the seam where the two sides come together with a zig-zag stitch.

And that was it! A new skirt. I wore it to church with the fam over Thanksgiving weekend.

You can’t really see the waistband against my black shirt, but it’s there and the skirt fit well. I already had a sweater that matched the blue in the print. I wanted to wear black flats but the below freezing temps swayed me towards boots since I didn’t have any tights with me.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I always enjoy a chance to see my family, and I even got a chance to work on some Christmas presents.


3 thoughts on “knit snake dress to skirt

    • If the fabric wasn’t as soft or the pattern was less interesting it would have been doomed as an ugly dress. 🙂 I’m really happy with it as a skirt and it was so easy to do!

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