zig-zag sling tote

This bag is part purse, part tote. I started off using this tutorial for a reversible sling bag, but my fabric lead me in a different direction. I do like the tutorial and will most likely try it out again with a different fabric.

The fabric I used is a home dec weight fabric with gray chevrons on cream. I found a remnant of the fabric at Hobby Lobby and knew I wanted a bag out of it. I’ve been watching chevrons pop up all over for months now, but have yet to own any. I surprised myself by turning the chevrons on their side for more of a zig-zag look. I guess all those chevrons I saw over the past few months made me ultimately want something different.

I considered making a standard tote like I’ve made many times before, but I have a bunch of totes and wanted more of a purse. I used some of the dimensions from the tutorial, but instead of a large tote I cut out more of an average-sized purse using a bag I already have as a guide.

I couldn’t decide on a fabric I liked to match the gray and cream, so I went without a lining. I like doing French seams on home dec fabrics because they are so prone to fraying, and they gave me a finished edge on the inside of the lining-less bag. I used French seams to sew the handles together in the middle as well.

Making the bag without a lining did leave me with one problem: I didn’t know how to finish the edges of the handle. I wavered between single and double fold bias tape, but I went with single fold to give me just a pop of color on the inside of the handle. Blue is my favorite color and I like the element it adds to an otherwise plain color palette.

I tried stitching on both edges of the bias tape, but ripped out the out edge because it wasn’t looking like I wanted. I’m happy with just the one row of stitching.


One other adjustment I made was adding pleats. I kept the bag wide even though I didn’t make it as deep as a standard tote and the bag wasn’t laying right because it was too wide around the handle. I liked the width at the bottom of the bag, so I just added three pleats in the middle on both sides to bring the edges in.


I’ve got a wallet in mind to go with this bag and I hope to start it soon. I’ve seen so many cute wallet tutorials lately!


6 thoughts on “zig-zag sling tote

  1. Sliced Science says:

    Really nice totes! I checked out all the totes that you linked on this post–they all have their own personality to them 🙂

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