no-sew t-shirt scarf

I’ve seen these scarves floating around pinterest, but never read the directions. When I finally clicked on this link I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I busted out a pair of scissors and one of my boyfriend’s old shirts and went to work.

Ingredients: one large t-shirt with seamless sides (yes, that’s ALL you need)

Take some scissors and cut as many even strips as you can. Avoid holes, etc.

Stretch out the strips and they’ll curl up leaving you with these.

Once you have all your strips, adjust them how you want. I used a men’s large shirt so my strips were pretty long.

I did some sewing on this no-sew scarf, but just to add a little polish. I made a band to go around the strips and hold them together out of two rectangles from the sleeve area and a couple snaps.

With this extra piece, you can wear the scarf with the band holding all the strips together, or with it holding just one loop of strips. I wore it the second way today. I’d originally just put it on to photograph, but I liked how it looked with my sweater and kept it on.

I’d been in a project slump a few weeks ago and this got me back into the crafting game. This was simple and easy and took hardly any time or complex thinking.


9 thoughts on “no-sew t-shirt scarf

  1. Paula says:

    Loved it! and will probably make this scarf for myself as well as a gift or two for someone over the holidays. Thanks for sharing

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