skinnier black pants

I found a pair of boutique quality skinny ponte knit pants for $3 at Goodwill awhile back. (This was the same trip where I found the flared jeans that I turned into straight leg.) The fabric was great, but the fit was not.

I thought they’d be perfect for lounging around in, but they weren’t skinny enough and made me look frumpy. They were a size too big and the gaping at the ankles was ridiculous and made me look even shorter. I can’t stand baggy knits. As usual, I psyched myself out beforehand and thought it would be way too hard to fix them. But once I got started, all it took was a couple of hours one night.

First, I put them on inside out and pinched out the extra.

Measure where you pinned the legs to make sure you have an even fit on both sides. I followed the curve of the legs to mimic the fit they were supposed to have.

Check out that ankle. The extra flap reminds me of Aquaman.

I used a zigzag stitch and removed the bagginess from the legs and cut off the extra. I also removed some extra fabric below the zipper, because you don’t want any sagging there. Just be careful when pinning!

It was really that simple. The fabric didn’t fray when I trimmed off the extra, and when I tried them on they looked like this.

One other thing I did was adjust the waistband. Since I was dealing with a stretchy fabric, I didn’t have to take the waistband apart. Instead I just re-sewed the inside button closer to the zipper and moved the outside closures over for a more snug fit.

The waistband was “secured” by two large hooks and eyes that wouldn’t stay closed and had created holes in the fabric. I switched out the hooks and eyes for large snaps. It’s so nice to have a real sewing store close by (Hancock Fabrics) that sells a much wider selection of notions than Hobby Lobby.

The snaps do pull a little, but they work much better than the hook and eye system. You can see where I closed the holes that the hooks and eyes had created.

I am so pleased with the way these pants turned out. They are as comfy as a thick pair of leggings. While I might not wear them out of the house without a long top, I’m definitely glad I tried my hand at adjusting them.


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