single cable knit scarf

It’s been getting chilly lately and part of my new job is standing out on a playground on top of a hill and supervising kids for a few hours a day. It gets breezy up there and having a toasty scarf around your neck is helpful.

I don’t have a large yarn stash, but I’ve been putting the few skeins I’ve acquired to use. I bought this orange skein of Lion Brand Homespun last year and it’s the perfect color to go with my yellow wool coat from Old Navy last year (that I never got to wear because of the mild winter) and my new rust colored coat from Forever 21 a few weeks ago.

I started off with a plain old knit one, purl one scarf, but I wasn’t happy with how it was turning out.

It didn’t look even because sections of the yarn were thicker. I had a really nice blue Homespun knit and purl scarf that I made last year on the same size 8 needles, and this orange scarf wasn’t measuring up to the blue one.

I went back and searched for another pattern using Homespun yarn with more visual interest. I found this pattern with a simple cable and figured why not give it a try? I’d bought cable needles at an independent yarn store while visiting my grandmother in Richmond last year and hadn’t used them once. I did buy size 13 needles for this project. I really liked working with the thicker needles and see myself using them again soon.

I had no idea what I was doing, but it worked out! The directions were straight forward and I didn’t even have to watch Youtube videos on how to make a cable.

Ignore how this scarf doesn’t match my outfit at all and check out my cables and fringe!

This scarf took less than a skein even with a healthy amount of fringe. It looked too sparse attaching just one strand of fringe in each opening, so I doubled up and used two pieces, twelve times across. I don’t normally add fringe, but I liked the addition for this particular scarf.

At one point near the end I got distracted watching TV and thought I’d have to rip the whole thing out and start over because I wasn’t sure I could fix it. I did manage to find my mistake after several hours of frustration (ripping out, re-knitting, realizing I hadn’t gone back far enough, followed by more ripping out, and re-re-knitting) and got back in the groove. Just be careful in your counting and make sure your cable rows don’t get mixed up. Other than that, the scarf was easy and enjoyable to make.

another view of the scarf with my orange and yellow coats.

Once I start crocheting or knitting, it’s hard for me to work on anything else. Unless that thing is taking me forever, i.e. a certain baby sweater.

I still have a number of unblogged knitting and crochet projects from last year so I’m hoping to get to those soon. I also managed to knock out a few refashions after my scarf was finished and I could refocus on sewing. Stay tuned!


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