flannel rabbit

I’ve been wanting to try out this faux chenille bunny since I saw the tutorial by Sew Much Ado back at Easter time. I liked the idea of her pink one, but my flannel remnants pushed me towards green. I had some lime green plaid leftover from a pair of pajama pants (that haven’t made it to the blog yet) and some mint and kelly green remnants I got on the cheap at Hobby Lobby. I wasn’t sure how they would all look together, but I think it turned out well.

I used the lime for the outer layer, then kelly, then lime again, then mint for the base. Since my fabric came from remnants I was short an inch or two on each block, but the bunny pattern still fit on the amount of fabric I had so it worked out okay.

Preparing the fabric took awhile with all the sewing diagonal lines and cutting, but once I got into the rhythm it was kind of soothing. I did use my fabulous walking foot to help me out.

I liked the way the fabric looked after all the lines were sewn, and almost didn’t want to cut into it. I’m thinking that quilting four layers of flannel together could be used to make placements or something of that nature.

cut vs. uncut

I do wish that the bunny’s front foot would have stuffed better, but the rest of it looks good. I gave it to its intended recipient, the 2-month-old Levi who I’ve mentioned before, this past weekend. His cousin, three-year-old Jace, kept talking about the green “fish” I’d given him. I’m not sure what kind of fish looks like a large-eared rabbit, but at least he’s got a good imagination!

(family photo I took while I was there)

The leftover rectangles of sliced fabric looked too cool to throw away, so I sewed them into a cat toy/pillow.

Jackson was pretty happy about it. He always snuggles up with the weirdest things (remotes, my kindle, my SLR, etc.) so now he has a softer option. Or he can just attack it instead of going for my feet.

And as I’m writing this post Harvey goes over to the cat toy and starts really messing with it. Moments later, she refuses to play with it for a photo.

Oh well, that’s all for now folks! With some finished project photos taken I’m hoping to get back into a more regular blogging routine.


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