getting skinnier (jeans) for fall

Since I moved I’m having to find new thrift stores. I started out by checking out one of the Goodwill stores around town. In the main section of the store I found a pair of black skinny knit pants and a blue tank with a subtle crocheted top for $3 a piece. (I hope to feature these in a later post!)

Then I looked around in the new/designer section with higher priced items. I found a pair of American Eagle jeans in my size (priced at $9), but when I went to try them on they were missing two of the three buttons. I asked the lady at the counter if I could get the price marked down, and she got approval to knock $6 off the price! Score!

My button stash came to the rescue, and I had the buttons replaced that evening.

Then I tried the jeans on again.

The jeans fit through the waist and the hips, but got baggy around the knees and flared out. They were also too long, but pants usually are on me.

Cotton & Curls has so many great refashioning tutorials, and this one about turning jeans into skinnies was my inspiration for this jeans refashion. I didn’t really follow the tutorial but just kind of hacked this pair into what I wanted it to be.

I measured and marked the amount I wanted to take out of the leg while trying them on inside out and sewed a new seam. I tried them on to check the fit a few times while pinning/sewing.

You can see the difference between the two legs here. I pinned the sides of the pants first so that I was taking an even amount out of the front and the back. I ended up losing three inches around the bottom of each leg. It amazes me how much more of my foot you can see.


After taking the sides in, chopping off the excess, and zig-zagging to prevent fraying, I hemmed them up by hand just by turning up the previous hem. I tried machine stitching the hem first, but it didn’t look right.


They turned out to have more of a straight leg fit than a skinny fit, but I was okay with how they ended up and figured I can always take them in more later. I’ve already worn them several times and they are very comfortable.

I was glad I tried something new in taking in these jeans. I don’t think anyone would suspect that these jeans didn’t come straight from the store without stopping at the sewing machine.


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