welcome baby Levi!

So my friend Christine just had a baby. She’d asked me to make her a nursing cover months ago, but it took awhile for us to get together on the measurements. Then I moved. So last weekend (four days after baby Levi arrived on the scene) I decided it was high time I started it. It hardly took any time to make, leaving me feeling more guilty for putting it off so long.

I had everything I needed already. Awesome purple and green fabric, which just so happened to be the colors the new mom requested; purple thread; D-rings salvaged from a yard sale belt; and cable ties in place of boning.

I gotten the idea of cable ties from Cation Designs and we’d just bought a pack of cable ties for the apartment. They made the shape I wanted, and hopefully they’ll hold up through the mail. I just hand-stitched them together with some thread.

Here’s the finished project.

I used this tutorial, but there are lots of different versions out there. This is just the one that suited Christine, who was looking for one like the Hooter Hiders. I used a quilting cotton and added six inches on both sides. I also put the D-rings in before I attached the strap to the body instead of inserting them at the end.

I kept trying it on as I went so I could check the functionality. Plus it looks totally different when a person is wearing it than it does hanging up. The part that is supposed to stick out does, so it should work!

This pattern also has two pockets in the bottom corners. If I made it again I’d make them bigger since they seemed like something could easily fall out of the pocket.

I’ve completed a number of refashions since I’ve moved (just slacking on photo-taking), and finished another gift this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates!


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