spring 1974 in patterns

So here are the photos from the Simplicity 1974 catalog I promised awhile back. The pre-move yard sale was successful. I’ve now moved and settled in, and my craft area is set up and ready to go. I still need to photograph a number of recently completed projects, but I have been sewing and have a number of things to share.

Now back to the 70s. This opening spread looks pretty dated, like shag carpet, orange polyester pants, and lava lamps. (My apologies to lava lamp fans.)

But on the following page is this spread which, with the exception of the boxy jacket and “is it a skirt or shorts?” combo, looks like it could be in a magazine today. Polka dots, contrast stitching, and waist belts? I’d go for it. Not to mention the wrap dress is a gorgeous shade of blue. Even though these pieces are for spring, I can see the two on the ends working well in fall. The dress at center left is a little summery.

This ad still rings true today!

But this Pfaff ad takes the cake. They have matching hair! and that beard!

They could have used that Pfaff to make themselves some matching unisex shirts.

In this case, I think unisex means not flattering for men OR women.

On the other hand, I think this dress would be incredibly flattering. Love the zipper.

I think my favorite out of the whole catalog is this one. The chambray version rocks. I love the pleating, contrast stitching, and belting it at the waist.

This is another one of my favorites. Especially in that polka dot border print.

Here are some girls’ peplum tops with peter pan collars that are enjoying at least a second go-round today. The expression on purple pants girl’s face is kind of saucy, but I wouldn’t go for pleated cuffed wide leg trousers…

And one of the last ads in the catalog:

With all the blogs and help available on the internet today, it’s getting easier for sure (check out Craftsy for example). I’m not designing my own dresses yet, and I wouldn’t say the things I sew look “professional” except to non-sewers, but with every piece I sew I hope to get a little closer to my goals.

If you have any questions about patterns in this catalog or details on pattern numbers or specifications, let me know and I’ll be happy to look it up for you! I’m hoping to use it as a resource to find vintage patterns I want to look for online.


One thought on “spring 1974 in patterns

  1. Denise Dudik says:

    I can think of a few times several years ago when you did design your own dresses. It was just that you didn’t really sew at the time, so someone else had to sew them for you! 🙂

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