soften up a vase with tulle

Things are kind of crazy right now because I’m in the process of packing up and moving and prepping for a yard sale. I’ve finished a few sewing projects lately and hope to finish a few more before I move, but it might be a little while longer before I get to posting photos of my latest works. I do have a quick decorative project for you today.

I loved the bright colors of these artificial flowers from Hobby Lobby, but wasn’t sure how to present them. I had some tulle (netting) and just wrapped it around and bunched it up inside of the vase and stuck the flowers in. Even though the tulle is light-colored, the layers hid the unattractive flower stem and made a lovely decoration for my hallway.


It’s a lightweight alternative to filling the bottom with glass pebbles or rocks and takes about 10 seconds, or as long as it takes you to fluff and re-fluff your tulle to your satisfaction. So it took me a bit longer…


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