knitting, 70s style

Awhile back a blog I was reading asked the question “what decade do you prefer?” At the time I had no idea. Then I realized most of my vintage patterns come from the 1970s. At a yard sale a few months ago I found a pattern catalog and a knitting magazine from that era.

It’s amazing how many of the items in there look current. I could see this spread in a magazine today.

Here are some of my favorite items from the knitting magazine, which actually includes patterns for everything. First, the outrageous.

A seriously feathered hat.

I think the boyfriend would love me to make him some of this beachwear from rug yarn (?).

This way up! Definitely digging the very flattering knit pants (not).

This girl is dejected because she won’t inherit any crewel embroidery I guess.

“If you didn’t inherit any crewel embroidery, make sure your children will.”

“Play it safe. Do a few. And keep peace in the family.”

And now for some that I’d actually like to make someday.

This popcorn shirtdress is probably my favorite. I’d shorten the sleeves though.

I like both of these sweaters, and they play into my “wishing for fall weather” mindset.

Maybe one day I’ll attempt to do justice to the fair isle detail in the sleeve of this sweater.

This last one is interesting. It’s a one piece dress with a different colored skirt. I can’t decide if I’d like it or not. I definitely couldn’t rock that chain though.

I’ll be following up with pictures from the pattern catalog soon!


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