failed skirt refashion

It’s not that I failed to refashion this thrift store skirt because I followed it through all the way to the (unhappy) end. The problem was I didn’t like the refashioned skirt any more than the original skirt.

The shape just looked unusual and the sides stuck out.

But I’ll admit it, I tried and failed. Some outdated items of clothing won’t experience new life as an updated, fashionable item.

When I chopped off the length I removed a button vent from the back, and saved the buttons for a future project.

One advantage of the skirt remaking was that I learned a new technique about sewing an elastic waistband with more style. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted to (like the waistband this American Apparel skirt and many of my favorite skirts), but I gave it a shot and think I can make the technique work on a different piece.

It doesn’t look too bad in this picture, but that’s because the sides are tucked in so it would hang neatly. I liked the fabric and thought it had potential, but sadly this skirt will not be joining my wardrobe. I hope to use the chopped off bit in something else so the white on green leaves find a place in my closet somewhere.


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