cowboy crochet hook case

This is the project I was talking about when I mentioned the brown bias tape in my recent yard sale finds post. I’d even bought a piece of red fabric to make the bias tape to finish off this crochet hook case, but before I could cut into it I found the pre-cut pack. I prefer the brown anyway.

I like the contrasting of the cream, brown, and red. I made it for my friend who mentioned she wished she had one when I posted about the other cases I’d made. I used the same tutorial, but this was the first time I did the fussy cut in the center. I zigzagged on the sides to add some interest.

This fabric was leftover from a pair of pillowcases I made for my godchild Anthony last year. I did a red one with cowboy border, and a cowboy one with red border. He’s all about cowboy boots and rodeos. (He does live out in the country on an old farm and his brother has a couple of horses.)

I thought this fabric would also make a fun case for my friend, who is pretty country herself. Hopefully she likes it!

And I can’t resist one more adorable kitten photo.

I don’t think he’s too happy that I always take the fabric he’s laying on away from him. But he gets over it.


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