World’s Longest Yard Sale finds

The World’s Longest Yard Sale starts in the town where I live. I had to go out to take pictures for the paper (check those out here) and happened to find a few things along the way.

I got some more tape measures (free!), a spool of white thread ($0.50), buttons ($0.20), white fabric marking pencils ($0.10 for both), and a pack of brown bias tape ($0.10). The brown double-fold bias tape was exactly what I needed to complete a project that I’ll be posting soon.

I also got a variety of sizes of wooden embroidery hoops for $0.25 a piece. I have five now and hope to do that “embroidery hoops filled with fabric hanging on a wall” arrangement that is making the rounds on Pinterest. I think it’s a great way to showcase some of my favorite fabrics, and I really like this version with different textures. Of course, I might use them for hand-quilting or embroidery too.

I found this cart where I found the hoops (and a ball of purple chenille yarn for $0.50). It’s one of those things that was exactly what I needed even though I didn’t know I was looking for it. I’m going to use it to store my works-in-progress instead of on a table where cats can sit on them, or on my ironing board where they get in the way of my ironing. It was in excellent shape and for $3 it was in my car ASAP.

The last things I got were some cuts of fabric. The guy had huge plastic containers full of sewing stuff. Some of the fabric felt pretty gross, but these lightweight cottons seemed okay. He only wanted $0.50 a piece for the fabrics.

some were one yard cuts, the green one was less, and the blue one was at least two.

A few of these pieces still had cutting tags on them from “Fabric Mart” listing the yardage.

There’s a good bit of this knit. I wasn’t even sure it was a knit because it had absolutely no stretch one way, and tons the other way. I see this as coming in handy when testing out a new knit pattern.

The last two pieces of fabric I got were these plaids. I’m looking forward to trying out some lightweight summer-into-fall woven tops with these. The bright yellow plaid feels cottony, but the darker plaid might have some polyester in it. I almost bought a black-and-white gingham, but it felt awful and plastic-y so I passed it to the only other woman pawing through large piles of fabric with me. She already had some ginghams which I can only assume had the same feel.

So I spent $3.50 on fabric, $3.00 on the wheeled cart, and some change on the rest of the notions. I’ve been trying to reign in my spending on random yard sale items and feel like I did pretty well on this trip.


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