polo shirt refashioned to tank

The before picture of this polo would reveal gathered puffy sleeves and blue underarms where the dye was rubbing off. I liked the fit, so I decided to change it into a tank by removing the sleeves and collar. This was one of my first times working with a knit, and the armholes stretched out a lot when I went to sew them down. Luckily, I discovered a secret weapon to combat knit armhole stretch.

I threaded a thick piece of elastic thread (found under specialty elastics at Hobby Lobby) through the skinny casing I’d made. It solved my stretched out problem and gave a nice fit to the top. I sewed the neck more carefully and with longer stitches and it didn’t stretch out like the arms had. It’s not my favorite refashion ever, but it turned out better than expected.


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4 thoughts on “polo shirt refashioned to tank

  1. JaydeMarie says:

    Use a foot called a walking foot on your machine when sewing knits. The foot has an arm that attaches to the needle arm and has feed dogs for the top of the fabric so knits are fed through evenly and without stretching. This foot helped me a lot in keeping my knits from “growing.”

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