t-shirt to tank

I had a t-shirt from a rummage sale that fit well, but the neck was too tight. I really liked the design and planned to make a pillow out of it.

I realized the pillow idea was a non-starter after I cut the neck and sleeves off. Then I decided to make this shirt into a tank top by adding two straps, but the neckline just wasn’t working. It was too droopy in the middle and didn’t look flattering at all.

Then I found this tutorial. Genius. It was easy and solved my drooping neckline issue. I made casings on the inside of the shirt and threaded an orange ribbon through. The ribbon is a short term fix, but I’m not 100% sure this shirt is my style so I didn’t want to waste time on making or buying a different strap.

Either way, I solved my unfinished project and preserved the awesomeness of the Dublin soccer player’s hair.


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