“parrot” strapless dress to skirt

I put down five whole dollars on this strapless dress from the thrift because I was crazy about the vibrant colors which reminded me of a blue-and-yellow macaw. That’s 2 to 10 times what I’d normally spend on a thrift store piece. (I got an Old Navy top for $0.50 on the same trip.)

I knew I wasn’t going to keep it as a dress because strapless dresses aren’t usually my friend. This one in particular was not flattering since the “waist” hit in the middle of nowhere.

I cut the bodice off and my original plan was to make a casing for the elastic from the top of the dress at the new waist. Then I realized the “waist” already had a thin piece of elastic to give it that very unflattering shape. I tested that elastic and it was strong enough to hold up the skirt, so I just folded the top over twice and stitched just under the elastic and it was done. So easy!

It doesn’t look the prettiest up close, but I’ll be wearing a shirt over it anyway. I didn’t want to stitch through the elastic since it was already attached.

If I need to flatten out the waistband, I’ll just topstitch around the top or at the bottom of the elastic, but for now it works the way it is.

top: Ann Taylor, $8/bag at rummage sale; cami: Old Navy, $2; skirt: refashioned, thrift store, $5; shoes: Steve Madden, yard sale, $1

If you want to see a strapless dress I am a fan of, check out how I restyled the pleated midi skirt made from a thrift store dress.


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