blue sweatshirt fleece jacket

I made this coat way back before I made my knit top. I wanted the coat to be my first top since I restarted sewing so I forced myself to make it before I started working on other garment projects.

I wanted a sweatshirt coat after seeing this one on Running with Scissors and found a lovely shade of blue at the Joann’s near my mom over Christmas. I was all set to improvise (no idea where I would have started with that), but my mom helped me find a pattern, Vogue 8676 by Marcy Tilton, for a coat using fleece. The pictures on the front gave me pause since they were not even close to what I had in mind, but it turned out well.

(In my Googling the pattern, I found a lovely version that makes the details look much less crazy and more ladylike. Also, I love the color of her fabric!)

I did some modifications on the cuffs and collar since the pattern had you leaving many edges raw.  I finished all my edges and topstitched. I also added another button hole at the bottom of the row because having only three buttons seemed off to me. These buttons are antique reproductions I found at Joann’s at the same time as the fabric, and I love the detailing.

It’s been way too hot since, oh, about March and I’m so ready for fall weather. The continual 90 degree temperatures are causing extended daydreams about leaves and a chill in the air and pumpkin flavored desserts. In turn, these daydreams are resulting in posts where I’m wearing long sleeves (see previous post).

Unfortunately, it’s not even August yet. But the boyfriend and I cheated summer this past weekend and took a tour of a cave where the temperature is a lovely 60 degrees year-round. I got to wear a hoodie and jeans (rolled up) and was very happy.

You can’t see it here, but in this picture from April I am wearing sandals with my jeans and jacket. The jacket was too warm even then, and I haven’t had worn it at all except for these photos.


3 thoughts on “blue sweatshirt fleece jacket

  1. love the tall collar! Definitely looks better than the pattern examples. For some reason they always seem to be pretty unflattering covers! Great color and I’m getting the fall bug too, even though it’s too hot to wear anything I’d like to make! I guess smart to sew ahead.

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