sweater upgrade

I found a deep gray sweater coat on markdown at the thrift store. When I slipped it on it fit well and was so comfortable. I knew it would be perfect for fall and winter.

The only strange thing about it was the buttons. Why someone would choose to sew shiny brown buttons onto a dark gray sweater is beyond me, but I often switch up buttons on thrift store finds.

For this sweater I choose some single and paired gray and white buttons from my stash.

(The locally sold button bracelets haven’t really gone anywhere and I recently whittled down my stash to include just my favorites.)

On the cuffs I went with these flowered metal buttons.

And I really like square buttons. I threw one into the circular mix.

I like the added element of interest on an otherwise very plain sweater.

The mismatched buttons coordinated well enough to not look out of place or crazy. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and wearing this sweater (dress?) to keep warm. It’s a nice daydream to have on another 90 degree day.

It looks better on me than on the hanger. I just threw it on over my t-shirt and shorts and it still looks okay.


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