denim skirt, lengthened

I found this American Eagle denim skirt at a yard sale, and when I gave it a test wear I determined it was way too short to be practical. It went into the donate pile. But I liked the fit (other than the length) and pulled it back out after I realized a simple fix could make it wearable.

I’d found this floral fabric at the thrift store, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. It was a loose weave not suitable for clothing, but it worked perfectly for this project. I liked the look of this fabric with the denim.

To start off, I figured out how much longer the skirt would need to be so that I’d be comfortable sitting down.

testing out the new length carefully so I don’t get stabbed with a pin

I thought about making it longer, but I didn’t want the amount of added fabric to overwhelm the original skirt. This length works for me.

After figuring out how long I wanted my strip to be, I cut a piece of fabric twice that length (plus seam allowance) and a couple inches longer than the bottom edge of the skirt. I folded the fabric in half long ways, right-sides together and sewed along the length forming a long tube.

the pressed tube

Then I took the tube, turned it right side out, and pressed it on both edges. I laid the seamed side of the tube along the hem of the skirt, centering the middle of the tube with one of the side seams of the skirt. Make sure the existing seam on the skirt hem is no longer visible as you lay the fabric on top.

After everything was pinned, I folded one of the raw edges of the tube under until it matched up with the seam. Then I slipped the other raw end inside the tube and topstitched, creating a completed circle of fabric around the bottom of the skirt.

inserting the tube’s raw edge into the turned under edge

Since the bottom fabric was thin and the denim hem was quite thick, I decided to simply lay the fabric on top and topstitch the tube onto the bottom of the skirt. There’s a different way to lengthen a dress and attach your fabric mentioned on Sew Kate Sew this week.

I’d planned to do a second row of topstitching right underneath and possibly topstitch the hem, but I liked the way it looked with minimal stitching. The whole process took about 30 minutes from start to finish, mostly because I’m a slow and exacting pinner.

Now I have an embellished skirt that I’m able to sit down in!


7 thoughts on “denim skirt, lengthened

  1. Looks just great – much more comfortable to wear and I love the print you have chosen. I’ve used a similar idea on jeans that have turned out too short.

  2. Much better than before. I had to donate mine as well because I am a mama now and it is just way too short, but didn’t really think of doing this. Or more like I didn’t want to mess with it at all and just donated it. Great job!

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