moon water clutch

I’ve been intending to make the moon water clutch pattern from Lion Brand Yarn for some time now. I started it a couple times and had trouble with the rows, but when I picked up the first few rows again it worked out somehow.

I used the acrylic I Love This Yarn! that I used to make my granny hexagon bag. I love the bright colors together and I had lots of yarn leftover from making the bag.

So here’s my vibrant take on the Moon Water Clutch.

I filled in my starting rows to create a solid line inside instead of my ending rows like the instructions say. The ending rows looked better as a flap and I liked the way the blues lined up. I had to improvise half fill-ins on the ends of the starting, and the flap doesn’t lay as flat on the outside but I like it better this way than I would have the other way. (There are supposed to be three points on the flap instead of two and two half-points.)

Here’s what the fill-ins look like. The white part was my beginning row, and I used the purple and green to fill-in.

Once I got into it, it was easy to work on while watching TV. I enclosed all my loose yarn ends from changing colors as I went instead of having to weave them in at the end. Here’s the back shot. I still really like these colors together.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this clutch, but I like how it turned out and am glad it’s completed. It’s always nice to see a project you envisioned come into fruition.

I also wanted to say thanks to Sew Much Ado for mentioning my baby peasant dress made from a vintage sheet and SuBoo for mentioning my thrifted shirt turned tiny pocket tank!


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