dress to midi skirt

If you haven’t heard of Marisa at New Dress a Day, let me introduce you. This lovely lady creates wearable items from thrift store dresses I wouldn’t even give a second glance. I’m hoping to channel her a little in this post.

We start with a thrift store dress for less than $3.

I’m a total sucker for this color of blue and like how it pairs with the white.  The pattern was working for me, just not on this dress. Also, pleats!

There’s a lot going on with this dress.

I tore three or four seams out to separate the top from the bottom and had to pin and stitch across every pleat to hold it in place. I cut a piece from the top and attached it to the waist for the elastic casing. I was afraid the pleats would stretch out with the elastic if I’d just turned down the top section of the skirt for the waistband.

After getting all those pleats in place and attaching the waistband, I just threaded some elastic through and had a new pleated midi skirt.

Here it is in flowy action. I’d planned to make it into a high-low skirt, but with the pattern, color and pleats, it had enough going on already.

As I was working on this skirt, I found this dress on Pinterest with a very similar pattern. And yesterday, Marisa posted her remake of a dress into a pleated skirt.

This skirt is on its trial run today. It’s breezy, and my fingers are crossed that the polyester is more flowy than sticky in the heat.



Update: This skirt can also be worn as a strapless dress! As a dress it has a high-low hem and looks best when belted.


4 thoughts on “dress to midi skirt

  1. It looks so pretty. LOve the color! If it was me I had to shorten the sleeves and the length of the dress or if the fabric is just right make it into a hi-lo dress like I did to my vintage dress. So pretty! Like it!

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