summer thrifting

I’ve been wanting everything to be light and bright lately with the stifling heat and humidity. My latest thrift store/yard sale finds are meeting those requirements.

First up is a bright orange and white checked scarf with fringe. Light and airy and perfect for summer headed into fall. (A scarf, no matter how light and airy, would just stick to me right now.)

And here’s a smaller one in green. I’m not totally sure what I’ll do with this one, but I liked the pattern and the color. Both of these scarves were less than a dollar at the thrift store.

This orange purse was $1.50 and goes with my new orange scarf. I’ve been loving sunset colors this summer, and have been wearing shades of orange and pink together.

These pajama pants were found at a yard sale and I was suckered into buying them because of the smocked/shirred waistband. They were a little snug, so I’m not sure if they’ll be refashioned or find a new home. All the skirts I’ve been wearing this summer have the same kind of waist and they are so comfortable.

I also found these vintage patterns, which I’d totally forgot about until I saw this picture again. They were some percent off of $0.25. It will be awhile until I try them out since it’s taking me a good amount to time to work on my dress from a vintage pattern. I’ve gotten the top nearly finished, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it appears on here. I love the bodice on the dress though.

I’m not what you would call an “avid” knitter, since I can’t recall the last thing I actually knit (I guess this or this?). I’ve been all about sewing with a little crochet thrown in the past few months. But I collect knitting books when I find a good deal in hopes of making myself a lovely wearable garment out of beautiful yarn…someday.

This window was a steal that the boyfriend questions but I will hold onto in hopes of a Pinterest-esque wall display. Here’s Jackson checking it out. I got it along with a clothing item that will appear later and a craft storage box for $4. The best part is that it’s already got things on the back to hang it up. That made this a must have.

This tackle box ($1) needed a scrub down but will hold craft supplies for much cheaper than a brand-new tackle box at Wal-Mart.

And finally, an item that came into the house only to leave as a thrift store donation. I found these TV tables and stand and had recently read this post so I was inspired to buy them and bring them home. But we already have a coffee table that we eat on, and these were not in the most sturdy condition and were basically rejected outright by the boyfriend. After a few days of looking at them, I agreed with his assessment. So here they are headed back to the thrift store.

I don’t think the winter landscape scene helped his opinion of them. “Look they work as an upside-down painting when they aren’t being used!” … Sometimes I need to draw the line between what I see on blogs, and what will work for my life. Maybe these tray tables will find a new home where people can put them to good use.

That’s all my finds lately. Happy thrifting to you all!

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2 thoughts on “summer thrifting

  1. CC says:

    Great finds! Love the scarves. I read somewhere (I think maybe at AlreadyPretty) that you can use the little scarves as cuff bracelets? Just wrap around your wrist. I’ve been thinking I might try that when the weather cools a bit. 😉 I don’t want anything around my wrists right now any more that around my neck! 😉

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