recovered stationary box

Our story begins with a cat who likes to chew on boxes. I bought some cards on clearance at T. J. Maxx and after deciding I wasn’t very fond of them and should return them, I realized the box was chewed on by one orange fuzzy cat.

So I kept the box and have since sent out all the cards. Instead of buying new ones, I decided to put the small stamp collection and tons of sheets of paper I’ve acquired from my mom and her friends to use and make some new cards. I’ve only made a few very basic ones so far, but I wanted a box to put them in so I can just pull one out when I need it. Most of my cards are sent along with homemade gifts, so why not handmake the cards as well?

Anyway, the boyfriend came up with the idea of how to cover this card box in paper. I took a 12×12 sheet of paper and traced the body of the box out on it with some extra length and width for overlap. First I traced the full front to back of the box, then the sides, and then I cut out the corners so I could fold everything up around the box.

This is with the front part already folded up.

I just used a glue stick to attach the paper. It’s a little like wrapping a present.

I cut the paper to fit around the pre-existing tab of the box so it could still be opened and closed easily.

And I left the edges small so you can still see the previous design on the inside of the box.

It’s an easy way to take a throwaway box and turn it into something useful for everyday. I’m thinking about doing a similar thing to old Christmas card boxes.


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