little boy’s tool belt

My family has been celebrating Christmas in July for several years since we’ve found it easier to get together in the summer than around the holidays. A few weeks ago I asked my aunt what my godchild Anthony would like for the occasion. She told me she’d been looking around for a tool belt small enough for him to wear (he just turned four) and hadn’t been able to find one, but could I make him one?

Sure, I said, not even knowing where to begin. The boyfriend and I did some research at Lowe’s and a few other stores, and when I finally got around to asking the internet I found this lovely tutorial on 2 Little Hooligans. There are several other ones out there, but many are just a version of a small waist apron with pockets. This one actually looked like the real thing.

The tutorial was pretty good once I figured it out. You do need velcro even though it isn’t listed in the materials at the beginning. At first I was confused about how you only need to cut two pieces for each pocket yet they are lined. (You fold the pieces in half, and one is the lining and one is the outside. It was late when I was cutting.) I used my rotary cutter for the first time since I’ve had the ruler, mat and cutter and loved it. Such straight lines! and it sliced right through that canvas.

I already had a remnant of this thick blue canvas that worked perfectly for this project. I was going to use a thrifted belt, but couldn’t find a wide enough buckle at my local store. They only had 1″ buckles, so I bought a piece of 1″ cotton webbing instead of cutting a belt piece from my limited fabric. Without the fabric belt piece, my 60″ wide, 3/8 yard remnant was more than enough fabric to make this project.

If you aren’t making a belt, you will need to cut two pieces for the second loop and adjust your measurements to make the belt 6″ shorter. I also had to adjust the way the slider fit since my belt was thinner. The pockets slide off over the buckle if you want to change the belt or add another pocket. I’m not sure if they would be as easily moved/removed if the belt was 1 1/2″ instead of just 1″.

single pocket with thicket hammer/screwdriver loop

The only difficult part of this project was working with thicker fabric and making small pieces. There was some definite wiggling to get some of the seams to the needle, but I was able to do it all on the machine.

double pocket with thinner loop

Anthony doesn’t have any tools to go in it yet since I got him a few other things for Christmas/his birthday, but hopefully he will like it. For as long as I put this project off, it was really easy once I found a good tutorial. Last week I wasn’t sure if I’d even try to make a belt in time, but now it is done and in my suitcase.


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