not-so-tiny pocket tank

Here’s another button-down shirt refashion using the tiny pocket tank pattern. I wanted a funky print, and I found it in this thrifted button-down shirt. It was a serious funky shirt, and I should have taken a before picture. Despite it being a women’s shirt, it looked more like a men’s shirt. There were two pockets on the front, the cut was very boxy and it had chunky navy buttons. In spite of this, the curved hem went up several inches on the sides in a definite feminine touch.

To get started, I cut the shirt apart (I’ve realized that 1/4-1/2″ of fabric isn’t worth the trouble of ripping) but I kept the hem on the bottom. I removed the pockets and used the front as the back, replacing the buttons with the mother-of-pearl like buttons from my other tiny pocket remake.

Here’s a hint: if only one of your darts looks good and the other dart is a bit funky at the point, just put your pocket over that dart! As long as it’s just a small issue, it will cover it right up.

The pocket is from the original shirt, and a little hard to see, but it’s right there.

Since this version didn’t have a lining I did use the bias binding. I just bought some navy fabric long enough to accomodate the piece on the diagonal. (I measured it out on a scrap piece of fabric first.) The binding worked out pretty darn well for me, and it looks so nice and finished.

Since I’d taken a couple inches out of the straps, I wasn’t sure if the binding would fit. I left the back able to be buttoned up so I had the extra part of the placket to cover as well. It fit exactly, so I’m not sure how that worked out. I sewed a snap at the top corner of the placket after attaching the bias binding so it would lie flat, and voila! A new summer top.

I don’t think I’ve cut one of these tanks out as wide as they were supposed to be since there’s been limited fabric in cutting the shirts. I might be trying this again soon, maybe with the scout tee pattern, since I picked up four funky men’s button downs for a buck a pop at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure how the lack of darts will work on that pattern, but I’ve still got new fabric and patterns for three more fitted blouses ready to be cut out and sewn up.


8 thoughts on “not-so-tiny pocket tank

    • Thanks for finding me! I’m linked up and I look forward to seeing your version. I wore this one today and it was comfortable even as the temperature approached 100 degrees.

  1. This is a really cute top, a bit like a Sorbetto? Great print! Thanks for sharing with Recycled Fashion Finds last week! Keep cool in the heat

    • Thanks! I actually made a Sorbetto muslin at the same time I made a muslin for this tank, but I haven’t made a real Sorbetto yet. I think the main differences are the width of the straps (Sorbetto is wider), the height of the neckline (higher) and the length of the shirt overall (shorter). I’m looking forward to comparing the two once I get my Sorbetto made.

  2. I love the prints on this top. I have some things to alter as well like this so I am working on that. I like the way it turned out. 🙂 Awesome! Visiting via last week’s Recycled Fashion. 🙂

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