in need of some finishing touches

It feels like all my posts lately have the word “simple” in them somewhere. I guess that’s because those are the projects that are getting done.

I do have a few works in progress that aren’t simple, and are therefore not completed. Here’s a list:

– I found a vintage dress pattern in my size (!!) at the thrift store with all the pieces, some uncut even. You can see the pattern here on Ebay. I was all set to make the dress for Vintage May, but May went by pretty quickly. I’ve cut out the fabric (a thrifted vintage floral sheet), but I still need to cut out the lining and mark the patterns. I’m pretty sure this 1970s era pattern has WAY more markings than today’s patterns. I need to print out this single fold bias tape maker so I can make my own for the dress and find some buttons for the front in my stash.

– I whipped up a square top a couple weekends ago, but still need to hem it and figure out how to do the side vents. I also need to and make some bias tape for the sleeves and neckline. Yes, I’m actually going to make my own bias tape this time. That’s the whole reason I bought my rotary cutter, self-healing mat and ruler (unused as of yet).

– Since my Hobby Lobby fabrics go together, I figured I’d take the leftovers and make a quilt. I cut as many rectangles as I could out of each of the six fabrics and sewed them into vertical strips, but I still need to even up the rectangles (I cut them out on the fly) and match the seams. I’ll need to buy border and backing fabric, and make sure I have the right batting to fullfil the requirements for the Quilts for Kids project (my latest charity endeavor). I’ll also need to wash it thoroughly as the cats have taken to pouncing on the pieces…

Here’s the block layout the boyfriend helped me devise.

– I still need to start working on a tool belt for my godchild for our family’s Christmas in July party. I have a rummage sale skirt I want to shirr into a dress for Emma using this tutorial that I’d really like to have done by then as well.

– I needed a little bit of a break from going full-speed on sewing so I started crochet a fan afghan for my mom to go in a sitting room they redid last year. She bought the yarn to go with the room and sent it to me, but I can’t wait until I can send the finished product to her. Right now I’ve only got two of the 59 full motifs and 12 half-motifs I need completed, but it’s giving me an excuse to sit and watch Mad Men while I work.

And I have a couple of blouse patterns and fabric pairings that I need to get working on as well as numbers of other things on the massive “to-do” (eventually) list. I could really use some summery blouses so those should move to the top of my list, but I’ve been putting them off. Hopefully my sewing mojo will return soon and I’ll be back to cranking out projects. But this weekend, I’m headed out to town to relax.


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