denim shirt

So here’s another item I’ve made recently that I have mixed feelings about. I have to be okay with it though, because it was this test hack that led me to using the tiny pocket tank pattern and getting much better results. This was a short-sleeve button down denim 80s looking shirt that I hacked into a tank.

I cut off the sleeves and neck and turned the edges under, flipped the buttons around to the back and added darts in the front, added an extra piece of fabric under each arm to fix a low armhole and replaced the buttons. I kept the original hem.

The hem makes it look kind of like a crop top. I really liked the buttons that I’d found at a yard sale awhile back.

I’m not sure about wearing it. Sometimes I like it when I throw it on, other times I’m not a fan. I definitely like the other tanks I’ve made since better, so this shirt might be moving on instead of taking up valuable closet space.

Update: Here’s a close-up of the buttons. I wore the tank kayaking last weekend and it was very comfortable. I didn’t worry about messing it up and it didn’t cling to me like a knit does. It looks like this will be a keeper.


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