pink knit maxi skirt

This maxi skirt, made from this tutorial, was a breeze to make. It was not, however, a breeze to cut. I ended up with a slightly above the ankle-length skirt and I had to take a piece off of one side after I realized the two sides I cut were not even. Then I had to still lop another piece off the hem since it still wasn’t even.

The fabric is super comfy as is the skirt, even if the upper leg area ended up a bit on the tight side. I’ll wear it for sure, and maybe mess with the hem, and maybe not look at myself in the mirror… Actually, I would probably wear this with a longer shirt and that might help. I just wanted the top of the skirt to be visible for the photos.

With the waistband as wide as it is, it can also be pulled up and worn as a dress. I used a double needle to sew the hem and it was pretty great. I also topstitched the waistband to the bottom of the skirt so it wouldn’t roll up. I’ve loved this fabric for so long, and hopefully this skirt will grow on me because I really want to like it, but I’m not feeling it in these photos so much.


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