circle wrap skirt

I’ve had this sheet hanging around for months now. I knew I wanted to make a skirt with a brown border out of the sheet, and Skirt Week over at Crafter Hours was a great reason to finally make it.

I used this tutorial from MADE for cutting out the circle skirt. I’d put off cutting it out for awhile because I thought it would be pretty complicated with all the calculations you had to do but once I sat down to do it, it didn’t take long at all. For the rest of the skirt, I used this circle wrap skirt tutorial from Simple Simon & Company.

I did use a lining cut from the same sheet, but in two half-circle pieces. I think this sheet was only a twin-sized and I was able to get a skirt and lining out of it. In doing a lining, I avoided the tedious pressing and hemming that (I’ve heard) comes with making a circle skirt. I just took my two pieces, pinned them right sides together, and sewed along the bottom and up the sides.

I did iron the hem and topstitch around the whole thing. I basted the top before I attached the waistband to hold it together.

This sheet was found at a thrift store, and I also bought a fitted sheet a few weeks later in the same pattern, only to find that they weren’t exactly the same pattern.

The flat sheet I used, at left, has sharper, more detailed flowers. The fitted sheet on the right has more blob-like flowers.

Maybe another person wouldn’t have been as fixated on this difference as I was, but I used the lining from the same sheet to avoid it being lined with a slightly different variation. I don’t know if these sheets were from the same set and the flat sheet and the fitted sheet were just made slightly different or what.

I said I’d wanted to do a brown border on the skirt. This idea ended up being a brown waistband because I wasn’t about to have to cut a brown circle border for the skirt. Since the waistband was already separate, I just made that brown instead.

The waist band is cut from a remnant I found at the thrift store after realizing the other remnant I had wouldn’t be long enough. As I unwound this brown fabric I realized it was EIGHT YARDS LONG with only one seam and about 18 inches wide. This was great for cutting the long waistband. I have no idea what the brown remnant came from, but I’m a little stumped on what would have been done with that length of fabric.

Since the fabric was thin, I just used the largest buttonhole on my machine (after testing it first) and scrunched the fabric through instead of having to hand sew a larger buttonhole.

I centered my waistband on the skirt and the tie ended up being on the opposite hip from the buttonhole on my other hip. If you want your ties to be elsewhere, I’d suggest adjusting before you sew it on.

Otherwise, no issues on my first circle skirt! Except for minor hand cramping when it came to pressing the edges of the waistband under. It was nice to see something I’d been thinking about for awhile come into fruition. Now to hem and photograph my other skirt for Skirt Week before Friday’s deadline!


10 thoughts on “circle wrap skirt

    • It always amazes me when the same sheets I’ve found show up online in a completely different place. A while back I made a pillowcase dress and a blogger commented that she had the same sheets in high school!

  1. Hi! I popped over from my blog, where you left a comment. Yes, we have been crafting from the same sheet…love your skirt…beautiful work! xx

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