pillowcase apron

Awhile back I posted about four pillowcases I found at the thrift store. The green one with orange and yellow flowers became this dress. The transformation of the green striped pillowcase is what I’ll be telling you about today. I bought this pillowcase with this chevron skirt from you and mie in mind, but I couldn’t make it look the way I had pictured it in my mind. It’s not an inherently girly fabric, so I asked the boyfriend if he minded me using this pillowcase for him.

I’ve been meaning to make him an apron for awhile now, but the canvas and cotton duck I was looking at was more than I wanted to spend. I might get around to making him one of those eventually, but in the meantime I took just a few steps to make this pillowcase into an apron. Since he was on hand, I was able to make it to his specifications.

First off, I made a strap for the top by sewing a long rectangle in half right sides together, flipping it inside out and pressing it. I was all set to make it adjustable with a second shorter strap and a couple D-rings, but he wanted a non-adjustable strap. Then I made two longer straps the same way for the ties around the back.

I used the open end of the pillowcase for the bottom hem of the apron. It only took two cuts to go from pillowcase to apron shape. I cut off the top two corners and turned the edges under and pinned them in place. Then I seam-ripped along the straight edges on the top and sides to make openings for the straps. After pinning the straps in place, I topstitched around all the edges, securing the turned under parts, the straps and the open bottom of the pillowcase. It would be really easy to add some pockets if you wanted too.

Now the boyfriend doesn’t have to wear my flowery apron when he’s cooking greasy foods or grilling, and shouldn’t ruin any clothes when cooking! Plus he got an apron made just the way he wanted it. Now to get some steaks for him to grill…


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