works in (slow) progress

Not a lot of sewing going on this week. Some cutting out has occurred, but mostly I’ve been thinking about projects and looking ahead to things I’m going to do.

– Work was draining my desire for sewing this week (even though my thrifting went splendidly!). Last night I decided I’d get it together and sew one of the things I’d cut out, a diaper cover to match Emma’s vintage pillowcase dress. I almost started it the other day, but was out of skinny elastic. With freshly purchased elastic in hand, I decided to power through from start to finish before settling in to watch some TV. All was going well and just as I was adjusting the elastic and getting ready to close the casings the power went out. In the whole house. And on the whole block and in a good chunk of the surrounding neighborhood. It was already late, so I knew there was no way I was going to finish it last night.

The power came on an hour later. It turns out a six-foot copperhead crawled into somewhere it shouldn’t have in the substation, got zapped and cut off power to about 6500 people in the area.

– I also realized the gift I was planning to mail my grandmother for her birthday will be belated. Her birthday is Sunday and the project is cut out, but not started at all. I somehow lost track of about a week or two.

– I was able to get a lot done project-wise the last couple weekends, but I’m working Friday night and Saturday and hoping to get out of town for a mini-adventure on Sunday so my projects may be waiting awhile longer.

– I’m a list maker who always has to be doing something. What do I do when I’ve crossed a bunch of things off my list? Make a longer list with more things I “need” to do on them. It’s hard for me to take a look at the things I’ve gotten done in the past couple of weeks because I’m thinking about the things still on my list right now. If I can get my shirt refashions washed and photographed, maybe it will be easier for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something recently.

– Yesterday my blog got the most page views in one day since I started it two months ago. Apparently my baby peasant dress and diaper cover sets took off on pinterest. I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s stopped by, commented or followed my blog. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and becoming a part of the craft blog community.

I leave you with a picture of the thread stand complete with vintage wooden spools that I found at the Highway 11 yard sale today. It’s still there because the stand is not cat-proof, I wasn’t sure of the quality of the threads, and the price wasn’t right, but I did like the look. I especially like that “parakeet” blue thread at the bottom.

I also found these awesome post office mailboxes. They would be great for storage if I had somewhere to put them and would never have to move again in my life.

Here’s to more sewing in my immediate future and finishing some simple projects.


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