thrift store jackpot

I’ve completed four shirt refashions in the last couple weekends and I’m waiting to wash them and get some good photos before I post them on here. I’m pretty excited about how they’ve turned out considering I’d never refashioned clothes into other clothes. Sure I’ve turned sheets and curtains into dresses and skirts, and shirts and sweaters into purses, but I’d never turned a shirt into another, better shirt.

One thing I’ve learned so far, changing buttons does wonders. All four of the shirts I’ve remade have buttons. I kept the buttons in the front on two of the shirts, and the other two now have the front buttons in the back. I changed the buttons out on all three of the button-down shirts and it gives them a more interesting look than they had originally. It has me taking another look at the buttons on my non-refashioned button-downs. Maybe they are a little boring…

In other news, I went to the thrift store with the boyfriend the other night. Usually I go to the clothes first and then over to fabric/patterns/linens, but last night I switched it up and started with the fabric and linens. I found lots of stuff, and much of it had 50-70% off tags.

I learned the art of thrifting from my friend Natalie, a notorious cheapskate who is quite proud of her low-budget ways. Because of her, I can’t bring myself to pay $4 for king size sheet or $6 for a thrift store dress. The shirts I refashioned into wearable tanks were $2.50 at most. Anyway, here’s what I got last night for $13.11.

The cats enjoy sniffing my thrift store purchases after I bring them home. I threw these items in a box instead of a bag because they’d just tear the bag up.

So what all is in the box? We have seven remnants of varying sizes (brown, thick teal, silky navy, striped blue and gray, dark denim, knit blue, and orange); one twin sheet and pillowcase set; one fitted king size sheet with orange and yellow flowers whose mate I already own; one full sheet with blue, yellow and pink flowers; a thick double-sided table cloth with kelly green and aqua print; and two white lacy curtains.

close up on the linens

I know what I want to do with the lacy curtains, and I swear I saw something that gave me the inspiration, but the closest thing I can find is this and it’s not really that close.


I mostly like this for the color. I’m planning to use the white lacy part like the blue lace on this dress, subtract the gathering, overlay it on some sweet plain blue fabric (similar to this color), and have a skirt. We’ll see how this goes.

Ok, I found a better example of the blue/lacy thing I’m trying to do over at seamstress:poppykettle. This was probably my original inspiration.

Did you notice the vintage size 2 little girls patterns?

I’ve been sucked in by Vintage May and bought these patterns for the non-existant two-year-old little girl in my life. (Hey, Emma will be two eventually.) They were $.25 and 70% off so there’s a minimal risk factor here. At least I didn’t buy the adorable size 7 patterns.

I would love to buy vintage patterns for myself, but I have yet to come across a pattern with a wide enough bust measurement (38″). I still keep my eyes peeled for something that might fit, but thankfully we’ve moved into the modern age of multi-sized patterns.

Since I wrote this post the other day I’ve found a few more pattern finds at another thrift store and a cool Simplicity 1974 pattern catalog at the Highway 11 yard sale going on this weekend. I’ll post pictures soon.


One thought on “thrift store jackpot

  1. I just started getting linens and fabrics from our local thrift stores about 3 months ago and feel the same way about paying full price for stuff now! Can’t wait to see your completed projects!

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