velvet clutch

I’ve had this velvet clutch in mind for awhile. I found a velvet skirt at the thrift store and wanted to pair it with a satin remnant I’d picked up to make an elegant clutch. I used this tutorial for a basic clutch from Thinking in Shapes.

I wish I would have made the top longer, but I’ll know that for next time. I used a pearly shank button so it would pop against the black, and managed to do a buttonhole on the velvet-satin combo. I almost chickened out and did a loop, but the buttonhole came out easier than expected. I wasn’t sure the best way to sew around the darts in the corners, so I sewed separate seams on each of the three sides. I did use sew-in interfacing on one side and a piece of felt on the other side to give the clutch more stability.

I have another idea for the same basic velvet-satin clutch, but with a different “lid.” That will be a little more complicated and even though I have the pieces cut out and the idea in mind, I think it will take me a little while to get to it. This clutch was for a friend who has more fancy events to go to than I do.


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