crochet hexagon market bag

I found this hexagon market bag pattern on Lion Brand a few weeks ago and knew it was something I wanted to try sooner than later.

I considered sticking to the five color pattern, but the cotton I wanted was going to cost me $30. I didn’t want to shell out that kind of money for a bag without a definite purpose. Instead of the cotton, I went with four colors ($12) in acrylic I Love This Yarn, the Hobby Lobby brand, and changed the hexagon layout around.

   1     2

   3    4    3

  2     1


   1    2

So the colors for the squares work out this way:

1 = ABCD


3 = CDAB

4 = DABC

And here’s how many of each square to make:

#1 x3

#2 x3

#3 x2

#4 x2

There has been a correction since I printed my pattern out, so take note of that. I figured it out after my first few hexagons.

I haven’t crocheted anything in awhile, so it was a nice change of pace from sewing.

This bag didn’t take too long, and I’ve already passed the pattern along to my roommate so she can make one. I’m still not sure what I’ll use it for, but it does brighten up the place!


5 thoughts on “crochet hexagon market bag

  1. Amanda says:

    LOVE the color scheme…I bet its better than what they suggested! I bet it would look cute in Christmas colors too.

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