gathered skirt reprise

So my first gathered skirt didn’t quite turn out how I’d planned. I gave it another try with some fabric that was allegedly “curtains” at the thrift store. It had no rod pocket, and appeared to be two pieces of fabric sewed together with crooked stitches for no apparent reason so no idea what this was in its former life. The fabric is a little unusual in that it almost has a sheen to it, but it worked out okay for this project.

I used the same basic approach that I did on my last gathered skirt. I cut a rectangle, sewed it together to form a tube, hemmed it and put an elastic casing on the top. I did make some changes and add a few details to give this one a bit more polish.

First off, I used way less fabric than the full length of a sheet. I’d approximate it was my waist measurement plus 10 inches or less.

Second, I finished the seams on the side. I just sewed a seam of about an inch and folded the raw edges under to do a narrow hem.

Third, I added a micro-mini paperbag waist. I just made the casing a little larger than the elastic and topstitched around the very top of the casing before inserting the elastic. I think this gives the skirt a little more finish than a simple gathered waist, especially if you want the waistline to be visible with whatever you are wearing on top.

However, I have decided that even with these modifications a gathered skirt is not flattering on me. I’ll keep this one, but I’m moving on to circle skirts and A-lines.


2 thoughts on “gathered skirt reprise

  1. Amanda says:

    I finally got to visit your website when my internet worked well enough to load all the pics. I cannot wait for you to move here so you can teach me what you know!! Everything looks really great!! Ive gotten several compliments on my bag & Bob loves his blankie. So hurry back to Kentucky!

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