button baby top and car seat blanket

My cousin Emma’s birthday is this weekend and she is turning one year old! I won’t be able to make it out for the party (because I live 10 hours away), but I wanted to send her a special gift to let her and her awesome mother, my Aunt Amy, know that I was thinking of her. What I found in my tutorial search for baby clothes was that a lot of the “patterns” were based on clothes the baby already has to wear. I have no idea what size Emma is other than she is about 12 months around and 18 months tall/long.

Thankfully I found a couple of patterns that had actual sizing on them. This Snappy Toddler Top at Prudent Baby was one of the ones I found that would work for Emma’s size.

The pattern was great and the top came together quickly. I’m not sure how long this will be on Emma, but after she tries this one on I’m going to evaluate the sizing and make some more summer clothes for her.

It’s a little strange that all of my sewing projects have been coming together in two days or less. It makes me wonder if I’m not challenging myself enough. On the other hand, I get things done!

I used buttons from my vast collection instead of snaps. I found the perfect pink buttons that would go with the fabric I used. I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to making buttonholes, but I haven’t had any serious issues with it. I make sure to practice on scrap fabric a few times before I make one on the actual garment to boost my confidence.

I made some small adjustments to the top. I sewed the gathering stitches at 4.5 instead of 5 on my machine so they would hold better, and I added a few extra stitches on either side of the lines because my fabric wasn’t gathering enough to fit inside the neck pieces.

When you fold your neck pieces under, make sure they are folded under enough. Mine weren’t. That neckline seam was the last seam I had to sew on the shirt and I had to rip it out several times before I just repressed the piece and it came out okay.

Another change I made was using double fold bias tape on the armholes and hemline. I had this pink bias tape that went with the fabric already and the struggle of turning under armholes on baby garments is more trouble than I wanted on this piece. I thought solid pink armholes might look strange with the pattern, but I had enough extra bias tape to also do the hemline in pink to tie them together.

Coincidentally, Emma already has something made using this fabric. (There are only so many cute prints at Hobby Lobby.)

Shortly after she was born, I used this fabric and a bright polka dot print to make a car seat blanket for her using this tutorial from Running with Scissors. Running with Scissors is the blog that got me pulled in to this whole craft blogging world, but more about that another time.

It was a lot of sewing, especially around the edges with the bias tape, and the bias tape around the buckle holes was a little challenging. If you don’t have enough fabric and don’t feel like buying a new large piece, consider piecing fabric from your stash for one or both sides of the blanket. I had two remnants of the same fabric, so pieced those together and used them for one side.

see the seam?

My aunt and uncle loved this blanket for Emma. She didn’t have to be covered up every time they took her from the car to day care in the morning. When she was sick and had to sleep in her car seat for the night, the blanket worked perfectly. I think she might be too big for it now but for that first year or so, especially that first winter, it was great! I was glad I was able to make something for them that was so useful in their everyday lives.

Happy first birthday Emma!


5 thoughts on “button baby top and car seat blanket

  1. Your version of the Snappy Toddler Dress is adorable! Great work on it. I also love the car seat blanket – I am going to Pin that for baby shower gifts and any little ones my future brings!

    • I think I got 1 1/2 yards on each side for the blanket (one side was two 3/4 yard remnants) and two packs of bias tape.

      For the top, I used a small remnant. 1/2 a yard should be enough.

      Thanks for finding me!

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