twisted strap top

I bought my first knit fabric at Joann’s with my mom when I was at home visiting my family for Easter. The colors and pattern were a good antidote to the monochromatic v-neck t-shirts I’ve been stocking up on lately. I bought New Look 0138, as it says on my pattern, or 6108, as it says online, to make my top.

I made my sweatshirt fleece jacket first, which I will post soon, to test out my “sewing my own clothing” skills last weekend. After a good experience with that project beefed up my confidence, I went on to the top. I cut it out and started sewing on Friday night and finished it up Saturday afternoon. With only four pieces: front, back and front and back facings, it was very simple to put together. I also bought a walking foot on my trip, so I felt prepared for my first tangle with knit fabric.

In both version B and C you make a pleat at the top to give a creased look. I made version B where you also twist the straps. Since the ease was 3.5″, I made one size smaller than I would have based on the straight measurements. My only (minor) issue is a little armpit sag. Overall my first experience working with knits was cake, except for breaking my needle on a large seam at the end.

I had a love-hate relationship with this fabric. I kept trying it on with the jeans I was wearing and feeling ambiguous, but once I put it on with a black skirt I was sold. It’s lightweight and comfortable and will wear well in the hot summer months here in the South.

So to summarize I conquered my first knit fabric, have a new top, learned how to use a walking foot and am entering my first sewing contest over at Made By Rae! All in all, a good weekend.


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