cute sleep shorts

I found this tutorial for cute sleep shorts at Prudent Baby and knew I had to have a few pairs. I’ve made two pairs already, and will probably make some more once I get a few other projects out of the way.

I haven’t totally gotten the pattern down yet because I’ve cut mine a little too small both times and had to do a little wiggling over my hips. I did mine with the crotch the same on both sides. I also had issues turning the waistband down because I sloped the waist a little when I cut it out. This means I couldn’t turn the top down evenly on the inside and had to cut a notch in the band so I could actually sew it down to the inside. Since these shorts are for sleeping and not for show, I don’t consider it a huge issue. I thought I did better the second time, but I still had the same issues. Maybe the third pair’s the charm.

The first pair I made from a vintage sheet I really like. I’ve only used it to make a scarf so far but I really like the pattern and colors and it’s very soft. The sheet was going to be sheer even for sleeping so I threw a lining in from another thrifted sheet using the simple double-layer lining technique. Basically, cutting another layer and using the two pieces together as one.

I used both skinny elastic and ribbon for the waistband and sewed buttonholes to run the ribbon out of. Like I said, the waist is a little snug when I pull them on over my hips, but once they’re on they are comfortable.

For my second pair I wanted something fun. I’d picked up a bright blue satin remnant from Hobby Lobby with no intentions, so that became my second pair. It’s kind of a Kentucky blue (Go Cats!) so that was a bonus.

I used a wider elastic for these and no ribbon. They are very comfortable, especially for sleeping. These were also tight at first, but either I’ve lost a little junk in the trunk or the fabric stretched out. It was my first time working with (poly) satin so I’m not quite sure how that fabric works.

When I get to my third pair, I’ll probably be using another vintage sheet. Hopefully I’ll figure out the waistband and (minor) fit issues then.


6 thoughts on “cute sleep shorts

  1. You are too funny! I wish I could lose some of the junk from my trunk. I love an honest post. Sewing is all about trial and error. Thank you for linking this up on the Vintage Sheet Blog Weekend LInk Up Party.

  2. langman says:

    How much would you charge to make another blue pair? I am actually looking for a little bit lighter blue though. My wife had a pair a number of years ago and I can’t find any that are just right.

  3. Ohh.. good call on using old sheets. I just had one wear right through in the middle, but the ends of it are still perfectly good. I can make myself several pairs of shorts and possibly even shirts out of it!

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