Love without Boundaries auction

I totally forgot to post that the auction started with working Friday night and all day Saturday. There’s only an hour or two left on most items. One of mine (the bias tape bag) has already closed.

There about an hour or two left on these baby dresses with diaper covers (muti-colored dots here and ecru with red print here), and the crocheted clutch here.

I was hoping they’d go for a little more, but it’s $30-40 raised for a good cause made from supplies I already had on hand.

Click to find out more about the clutch, dresses and diapers covers and bias tape bag.

I’ve been working on a few things lately, including another gathered skirt and a sweatshirt fleece jacket that I’ve been meaning to make since January, so hopefully I’ll have time to finish and photograph soon!


One thought on “Love without Boundaries auction

  1. damecatoe says:

    The baby dresses are going to the same buyer in Virginia. The volunteer who sent me the address said “I feel bad that these didnt do so well, they were so darn cute!” Maybe the VA mom just needed a sweet deal! The clutch is going to Arizona. Don’t know about the bag yet. Thank you again for making everything!

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