simple skirt from a sheet

I wanted to try out this simple full skirt from a sheet tutorial I’d found on The Vintage Sheet Blog, so I took a thrifted sheet I’d only used part of and experimented. I’d already used the sheet to make an apron and a couple of pillowcase dresses for a Little Dresses for Africa project that I still need to finish.

This skirt took no time at all to make. I didn’t have to mark my measurements before I cut since the pattern had lines on it already. I’d been saving this part of the sheet because I liked the border, so no hemming. I just pressed down a casing, stuck elastic in it and tried it on.

I looked ridiculous. I used the full width of a queen sized bed sheet and a small yet stretchy piece of elastic I tore out of something thrifted. This resulted in me looking like a giant 50s-style cupcake. The boyfriend burst out laughing when I walked in to show him.

I asked my roommate, who has a larger waist, if she would like to try it on and see if it fit. She bought a sheet on one of our thrift store trips awhile back that she’s been meaning to turn into a skirt, so I figured this might be one way to make that happen if it worked out. This skirt happened to look great on her so it’s in her closet now.

I’m going to try this again, but do as is suggested in the tutorial and cut 30 to 40 inches off the waist. This should result in a much more manageable amount of fabric for a smaller waist.

One another note, my co-worker Laura’s kids wore the hats I made them today since it was cold(er) out and she got pictures!

This is Ben's dino hat and scarf. The scarf has pockets with claws on the end; you just can't see it in this picture.

back view

Zoe's butterfly (or bow) hat.

For more details, check out my posts on the butterfly hat and the dino hat and scarf.

Sorry I fell off the blog wagon for a bit there. I went away for Easter and came back to some crazy busy times at work. Hopefully I’ll be back to regular posts now.


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