quilts from the wayback machine

Over Easter weekend, I went back home to spend time with my family. While I was there I took some pictures of some quilts I’ve made that “live” at the house.

When I was growing up, a local quilt shop had a “quilt camp” for a week in the summers and that’s where I made these three quilts I’m posting here.

This is my first completed hand-quilted quilt. I’d done the top in high school, but it took me til my first internship to pick it back up and finish it. This quilt was on my parents’ bed, but has moved to a blanket rack in the living room. I’m glad I kept it at home because I lost two quilting projects, a beautiful finished quilt top (that I picked all the fabrics out for on a trip to Amish county with my mom) and a four square wallhanging that I’d done a ton of hand quilting on, when there was a fire at my apartment a couple years ago. (Thanks neighbor trying to make illegal substances in his apartment…) I haven’t done any quilting since then, but I think I’m going to try making some single blocks and getting back into it.

This was another high school quilt I made. This one was just tied, but I really liked all the fabrics I picked out since they went with the colors in my southwest, desert-themed room. The room is still dusty green, blue and pink and the quilt remains on the bed.

This last one is my first ever quilt, except for my practice doll quilt I made that I never got around to finishing… It’s so simple but feels classic. It fits well into my parents’ patriotic-themed living room so I hung it on the back on the loveseat one day many years ago and it’s remained there ever since.

It’s nice to go home and hang out around things my mom and I have made. Living in an old rental house doesn’t have that same homey feel.


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