a pillowcase dress and a satin pillowcase

I found a king-sized pillowcase at a church rummage sale and wanted to try my hand at making it into a pillowcase dress. My sizing was very much off; the dress that was intended for a 5-year-old ended up fitting me!

These pillowcase dress tutorials from Aesthetic Nest for a double layer dress and a basic pillowcase dress gave me an idea of what I was doing. The king-sized pillowcase was 20 inches wide, but it fit over me so I left it intact except for cutting a few inches off the top. The edge of the case was already finished so I left it as is.

I cut the top layer the length the bottom layer was supposed to be so I had to add several inches to the bottom layer, meaning this dress was too long for a child. The layer underneath (a broadcloth remnant from Hobby Lobby) had a selvage edge so I didn’t hem it either. I cut armholes, edged them in bias tape, and turned the top down to make a casing for a skinny tie. I cut a thin strip of the blue, seamed it and turned it for the tie. This dress was insanely quick to make.

I liked using this print for this dress. I had considered cutting up the pillowcase and making it into something smaller, but the pattern is fairly spaced out on the fabric.

After extensive modeling around the house and soliciting opinions from friends, I decided that while I could wear the dress I wasn’t sure that it was the most flattering silhouette or that I was comfortable in it. The print being sideways would also drive me a little bit crazy. For my first try, everything worked out great, even if the end product was not what I intended, and hopefully my 12-year-old cousin is enjoying her new dress!

In other pillowcase-related projects, I made myself a satin pillowcase. I’d picked up some satin remnants on a whim and realized the ivory colored remnant was just big enough to make a pillowcase. I read something that said sleeping on a satin pillowcase is good for your skin back in high school, but I never had one.

Making this pillowcase was so simple. Using the measurements from my current pillowcase, I cut a long rectangle, folded it in half inside out, and sewed two lines of stitching on the sides to prevent fraying. Then I turned it right side out, turned the end under and sewed two lines of stitching to give it a more finished look. Presto! A satin pillowcase.

This pillowcase is awesome. I should have made one a long time ago. My hair looks far better when I wake up in the morning than it did when I slept on my old pillowcase.


4 thoughts on “a pillowcase dress and a satin pillowcase

  1. This makes me smile because I usually end up giving away the thing I made for myself, and often make something for one daughter and have to use it for another! Oh well. Nice to have surprises. Thanks for sharing the dress.

  2. IF you use real satin, be sure to wash it first to shrink it. Iron it before cutting it out. The finished product is a little wrinkly, but will soften the more it is washed. And yes, sleeping on a satin pillowcase will keep your hairdo over night. A hair net will help with that also.

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