zebra fleece hat and scarf

I found a zebra patterned fleece remnant at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to make it into cold weather wear for my cousin Rebecca. She is all about some zebra print.

The scarf was very simple. I made it using the same technique that I used for the fleece cat blankets. I took two long rectangles of fabric, sewed them together around the edges leaving a hole to turn it right side out, turned the seams to the inside and sewed the hole closed, then did a zigzag topstitch to finish it off.

I’d seen people use felt to sew hearts onto hats and gloves, but instead of felt I bought the smallest yardage of red fleece that they sell, cut a heart out of it and topstitched it onto the scarf. If you don’t want your stitching to sew through on the back side, sew the heart on before you sew the rectangles together. Make sure to leave room for the seam allowance and border so you aren’t stitching over the heart. The fleece cost less than a dollar, looks better than felt and has the same soft texture as the scarf. I have plenty of it leftover for another project or more hearts.

The hat was more complicated than the scarf. I tried to follow this Martha Stewart fleece hat pattern, but it looked ridiculous. So I looked at a North Face hat I had and tried to copy it.

It looked like this one.

I had already folded up a piece and sewed it to make the brim on the bottom. The top of the hat was straight across so I cut six triangles out to get rid of some of the extra fabric and make the hat have a closer fit. It looked like a crown with six points, three on the front and three on the back. Then I sewed the edges of the angled pieces on the hat together. First I sewed the left and right triangles to the center triangle on the front and back sides, and then I sewed the front and back sections together making a center seam. This was an last-minute improv solution, so I think this is how I did it, but I’m not exactly sure. Either the initial measurements or my adjustments made the hat a little small for tween Rebecca. The hat wasn’t perfect, but it looked good enough for making it up.

Rebecca liked the hat despite its imperfections. Here you can see the hat and scarf being modeled by the lovely Rebecca, as well as the beaded bracelet I made for her.


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