infinity scarf from a thrifted sheet

Today I finally wore an infinity scarf I made awhile back.

I found the spring infinity scarf tutorial on The Cottage Home and went to cutting up some sheets to make some scarves. This tutorial was SO easy. Cutting up the sheets was the most time-consuming part of the whole process.

This is one of my favorite vintage sheets I’ve found at the thrift store. The multi-colored dots pattern just called to me.

I’ve only made two things from this sheet so far, so I have plenty left. I made this scarf and a pair of sleep shorts, but I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest.

I never look as good in pictures as I think I do in the mirror each morning. Not that I have delusions of fabulousness, but the camera seems to captures all your imperfections in any given moment.

But you’re looking at the scarf anyway! A few years ago I wasn’t sure I could wear scarves. After I accepted that I could in fact wear scarves, it took me a bit more time to jump on the infinity scarf train. This is the first spring infinity scarf I own, besides another one I made in robin’s egg blue the same way.

I used a twin-sized sheet for the blue scarves and the whole sheet made three scarves, one regular, one pieced and one really long non-infinity style scarf. I’m used to working with queen-sized sheets, so it was a little strange to use a whole sheet in one go. And I just sent one of the blue ones to Crystal for her birthday. Hopefully she will be receiving in the mail today! (Note: The USPS came through and successfully delivered the scarf.)

*Thanks to the lovely Laura for snapping some photos of me.


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