diaper covers and peasant dresses

The deadline for the auction items is coming to a close so I kicked it into gear last night. Since I had plenty of extra fabric from the peasant-style baby dresses, I wanted to make diaper covers to go with them. I’m in the middle of another project I’m really excited about and didn’t want to put it aside, but I knew I had to the make the diaper covers soon or it would be too late.

standard version

bias tape version

So last night was diaper cover night. I used the Dana’s diaper covers pattern that seems to be quite popular.

I don’t know if I really wanted to work on a different project, or tiny leg openings are frustrating to turn under on a curve, or I was only doing these because I had to, but I was not feeling this project. The standard was more frustrating, as she warns, because it is a perfectionist’s nightmare to turn under the legs and sew around. Granted, I think it turned out okay, and Dana is right, you can’t tell where the mistakes are once it is gathered. But the process was still frustrating.

I like the bias tape version better since it is easier to work with the curves of the leg openings. I put the elastic on the inside of the diaper cover since with the bias tape you have the option of putting it on the inside or the outside of the cover. This project reawakened my urge to start making my own bias tape, but the Easter bunny ( a.k.a. my mom 😉 ) is supposed to be bringing me a rotary cutter so I’ll hold out until then.

After I’d gotten the idea to do this, I saw I wasn’t alone in pairing these two tutorials. Amy at Life’s Jewelry Box did the same thing. It looks like she used the 1/2″ elastic for the waistband instead of the 1/4″ I used for the waistband and the legs. I really liked her color choices and the picture of the dresses and diaper covers on the clothesline. (I wish mine looked like that, but I lack a fence, a clothesline, and don’t even own clothespins.)

So here are the pairings:

This standard dress and diaper cover is for a “prairie baby.”

And this more modern print, which reminds me of jelly beans, has rick rack on the bottom of the dress and bias tape on the diaper cover.

Both dresses were made from thrifted sheets. The oval polka dots were my first thrifted fitted sheet purchase. The pattern was so darling I had to have it. I actually tore the elastic off of the sides of the sheet and used it for the legs and waistbands for the diaper covers. It was a solid woven elastic that wasn’t very stretched out and it seemed to work just as well as other elastics I would have used. It was a little bit looser, but it worked for my purposes.

Laura has sent the photos of the dresses in to the auction already and the people running the auction asked if they could buy the dresses! I’m sure they weren’t entirely serious, but I took it as a nice compliment. I showed the dresses to a friend around town when I was out taking pictures of the items and she also asked when the auction would be happening since a friend of hers is having a baby in April.

The money raised for Love Without Boundaries goes towards funding surgeries to repair cleft palates and heart defects for the children in their programs. My best case scenario for the auction would be that these items go to a happy home and raise a good amount of money to help out the children in China! For more about the auction, see the links on my previous post about this crocheted clutch I also made for the auction. I’ll be posting the auction info sometime into April when it goes live.


4 thoughts on “diaper covers and peasant dresses

  1. Sarah, I love your dresses and diaper covers. What a wonderful cause. I’m super impressed that you were able to recycle the elastic from the fitted sheet.

    You shouldn’t fret about not having a laundry line. I read Made too and she sometimes just sticks the clothes up on the wall with masking tape.

    Thanks for linking up in our Vintage Sheet Blog Weekend Link Up Party. 🙂

  2. Speattle says:

    I did the same thing! I made that same peasant dress and paired it with the little diaper cover for my granddaughter who is due any second.

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