fleece cat blankets

I saw some kneading blankets on Etsy, but thought it would be simple to make my own. The cats don’t actually knead the blankets I made (they prefer to knead our stomachs instead!), but they do love laying around on these fleecy creations. The fleece also helps attract loose fur as they shed.

Making these blankets was as easy as I had hoped.

First, buy some polar fleece. You need enough to cut two rectangles of the same size, however big you want. Sew the rectangles together on three sides and part of the way on the fourth side, leaving a hole big enough to turn the rectangle inside out.

*If you wanted to make a thicker blanket, you could include a layer of batting when you sew the layers together, or stuff the blanket after you turn it.

Clip your corners and turn the blanket right side out. Make sure your corners poke out all the way and hand sew the opening closed. If you have a wide enough seam allowance, you might be able to get away with not sewing the opening closed since you’ll be putting a border around the edges.

*If you stuffed the blanket, I would push the stuffing to the middle before sewing the border so you aren’t sewing through a thick layer of stuffing.

Now you are almost done. Pick a fun stitch on your sewing machine and sew around the edges. Your pet blanket is complete!

I used a honeycomb stitch on the red and black paws and a zigzag stitch on the zebra fleece. The zebra fleece is leftover from hat and scarf project for my cousin that I’ll talk about another time.

I made a couple of these blankets for my two cats (more about them here!) and a couple more for the two cats my brother and his wife have. They moved into their first house not too long ago so I sent these as a housewarming gift. Maybe they’ll prevent the accumulation of cat hair on the furniture in their new place, as much as it can be prevented anyway!

They got these blankets a few days ago and my brother’s wife, Jess, was kind enough to send me pictures already! The cats seem quite happy with them.

Sophie is on the left and Caroline is on the right.

I was tickled to see these photos of Sophie sleeping. She is a skittish former street cat, so when I’ve gone to visit she is usually in hiding. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen her at rest, but she seems to be quite content on her new blanket(s).


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