crocheted baby headband with button-in motifs

I started this project because wanted to make a Valentine’s Day headband for my baby cousin Emma. I figured I’d crochet a simple headband, sew on a heart motif, and done. But I wasn’t sure how I wanted to attach the heart. A heart is best worn in February and I didn’t want to go to all the effort of making and mailing it just for one day since I’m sure her head will be much bigger next year.

I’ve made some headbands for adults where I just safety-pinned the motif (flower, etc.) to the band and then it could be switched out later. I didn’t want a safety pin near a baby, or pressed up against her head, so I came up with this button system.

I started by making a basic headband in a super bulky yarn with a buttonhole in it. To make the headband, chain until you get to the right length, join and single sc around and around until you get the width you want. To make the buttonhole, I skipped one sc, did a chain instead, and kept on going around the circle. I used the super bulky yarn so the button wouldn’t be so flat against the baby’s head.

I went back to this crocheted button tutorial that I used for the crocheted clutch and made matching buttons to go on the back of the motifs. The motifs just “buttoned” into the headband.

My timing was off so the headband didn’t make it there for Valentine’s Day, but this heart is cute enough to wear anytime!

I went on kind of a spree making the motifs, which included a flower, heart, rosette, star, yarn daisy and shamrock!

rosette motif
I used a basic flower tutorial, but left off the petals.

star motif

yarn daisy with two buttons sewn on top; back view with crocheted button in buttonhole

Here’s a shot with all the motifs together before popping them in the envelope to mail. I just googled the patterns for the various motifs. I found them all over the internet.

I made this Easter egg too, but it vanished. No idea where it went. I suspect a cat may have run off with it.

Looking back, I don’t really like the egg as much as I did initially. I’m not sure it is immediately identifiable as an egg.

Other than the egg incident, I’m happy with how everything turned out. The headband is a little too big for Emma’s head right now, but I can’t wait to see how it looks!


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