crocheted clutch

I’d been on a roll making hats and scarves and hand warmers for Christmas presents. I don’t even know how many I made, but I think the boyfriend was getting tired of me showing him every time I finished one. He asked if I could make something else out of yarn, like a purse.

I had bookmarked a couple patterns for bags on Lion Brand, my go-to site for basic reliable patterns, and thought why not mix it up? I had some I Love Wool in a mustard color from Hobby Lobby that I had no plans for. I bought it at the same time as another skein of the same color in I Love Yarn, but the acrylic is long gone and the wool remained. This “perfect purse” pattern was made in a similar shade of yellow and I had the image of this clutch in yellow stuck in my head.

It worked up okay, but not “perfectly.” I added a border of single crochet at the sides on the top because the shell flap was smaller than the body of the purse. The wool was thin and working with a G-hook was kind of a pain because the stitches were so small, but it kept the body of the purse sturdy and close. I made a “button” around a small plastic ring using this tutorial, which I’ve used many times before, instead of making the all-yarn “button” suggested in the pattern.

Before I started, I had thought about felting, but the wool wasn’t the right kind. One day I’ll attempt to felt. And another day I’ll attempt this Moon Water Clutch pattern, also from Lion Brand.

I’m not sure I would ever use a crochet clutch like this, but awhile back my co-worker Laura had talked to me donating items to an auction for Love Without Boundaries. This foundation is how Laura found her daughter Zoe, and is hoping to find her second daughter. For more details on her adoption story, check out her blog, So far I’ve only made this purse for the auction, but I’m hoping to make another item or two before the deadline April 1. Details on the auction can be found here, here and here.


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